10 Ways To Support Your Favorite Bloggers & Influencers

After receiving quite a few messages on how my followers were missing my posts, I posted a little blurb in my stories on how you can help the situation. I was so surprised by the responses on how there’s a misunderstanding on the impact of your engagement!

I know I speak for your favorite Influencers & Bloggers when I say we love to share, and your engagement is what allows us to continue sharing. We have to view Instagram like a business and a big part of our job is to make it look effortless. You don’t always see the amount of hours we put into planning and producing content between multiple jobs just for it to occasionally get obliterated by the Instagram Algorithm. So here’s a little more insight on how you can keep up with us despite flaky circumstances.

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

Think of the Algorithm as a Sour Patch Kid. Depending on the day, the algorithm can be sour or sweet to us. Instagram is constantly changing this equation, and in summary, it impacts if you see certain posts or not. These changes sometimes make it difficult for our posts to get to you. Here’s a few ways to beat that sneaky devil and support your favorite IG peeps!

  1. Tell Us What You Want

    It’s no surprise, we love sharing! If there are products you’d like us to review, let us know. We can look for the best products you are interested in and try them out before you spend your cash on them. Often times we will use polls and questionnaires to learn more about you and how we can tailor our content to better fit your needs. Engaging with this helps us connect with you!

2. Turn Post Notifications On

This is the only FOR SURE way you will see all posts from your favorite people on IG. They won’t know if you do or don’t do this- if that matters to you. It never fails that after I host free events in KC, the next day, people are messaging me that they didn’t hear about it and missed out! Just hit the 3 dots in the top right of the IG profile and select the options for turning post notifications on and you’re good!


3. Likes, Comments, Saves!

A simple tap goes a very long way for us! Your engagement with our posts tells Instagram that you like our content and they should serve it to you first on your feed. If you love what you’re seeing and want more product recommendations and discounts, this is the easiest way we can ensure we’re able to work with brands to provide recommendations and discounts to you. At the end of the day, they care about our numbers.

4. Use Our Swipe Ups

It’s not always the case, but every now and then if you use the swipe up we provide, we get a tiny, TINY commission. Free products are great, but they don’t pay our bills. Just keep that in mind next time you are shopping through IG <3

5.Shop LikeToKnow.It

I don’t have LikeToKnow.It, but I have a lot of friends that get commission this way. This is a great way to support them!

6. Use Our Discount Codes

Brands often track the success of discount codes and the more they are used, the more we can provide to our followers!

7. If You Love It, Share It!

If you love something we share or know someone who would, share our content with them (tag your friends, share links)! Despite the algorithm, we want to make sure we can share things with people who will benefit from our recommendations.

8. Read The Captions

It’s easy to scroll and not really read on IG. We’re all guilty of it. However, before you comment, just take a peek at the caption. Commenting “GORGEOUS BABE” on a picture of someone talking about their deceased Grandma is so cringey. We want to open up and be transparent about more than products. Your genuine comments mean the most because we are human too.

9. Check Out Our Blogs

Blog posts go more in-depth on the subjects you all are wondering about. In most cases, we can provide you more value on certain topics in a blog post rather than squeezing all the information into 15 second clips. If Instagram decides to pull a Vine and shut down over night, this is the only digital medium we completely own and will always be able to use.

10. Share Your Experience

If you try something we recommend, let us know how it worked for you! If we are bringing value to your social media experience, tell us so we can continue doing those things. Like any business, your feedback helps us get better. You are a big part of why we get up everyday to share and create. Don’t hesitate to share the best ways we can help you!

Thoughts From My Favorite Influencers

“…being gentle, kind, and compassionate when interacting on the internet and not forgetting there are real people behind these accounts.” - @thestyledseed

“ I love when my audience talks with me. Not just about what they want, but about who they are and what they are going through. I started a blog to not just share, but engage. So any engagement back is so appreciated.” - @agirlherlife

“…engagement! We all kind of get kicked down by the algorithm, so it’s nice to get that support.” - @micjanee

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