College Shopping List

Back To College Must Haves

Back to school season is here! I am so proud of all of you who are enrolled in school and headed to college, some of you for the very first time! Below, I have compiled a list of must have items that made my college experience so much easier. Of the items listed, I could not have lived without my Mac Book Pro, Bluetooth Speaker, and insulated water bottle. I took every possible note on my Mac Book on a software called One Note which automatically saves to a cloud so you will never be out of luck if your computer crashes. I constantly had music playing at home, while I studied, and cooked so my speaker was my baby (just be courteous and keep it down at odd hours). Lastly, my water bottle was a major key especially on hot days where I was practically sprinting to make my next class. I owned every last one of these myself and it made my college experience very peachy.

I surveyed my instagram followers on what they couldn’t live without in college. So the items below are the top recommendations to set you or your college kid up for success. Take a peek below and happy shopping!

Bria Jones