42 Home Decor Ideas

College, Apartment, And Home Decor

I have had the best time learning all about home decor! I realized I have a significant amount of followers who are in college, moving into their first apartment, or getting their first homes. This is such a special milestone that can sometimes be stressful. I certainly didn’t know what I was doing when I moved out of my parents house, but wanted to make my surroundings feel a little more welcoming. I’m hoping these home decor ideas can get you started and inspire you to make that bedroom, living room, and kitchen a place you will love making memories.

In this blog post, I have gathered 42 longterm items for your home. Whether you are in college or a home owner, these pieces are affordable, beautiful pieces. Click each picture for more details!

Here’s what you can expect:

Comforter & Duvets: The options I have listed are highly reviewed, trendy items! Products vary in prices but are all high quality items.

Nightstands & Dressers: I am confident you will love the nightstands and dressers linked! I went with options that can easily work with furniture you currently have or will get in the future.

Home Organization: I’ve lived in very tiny spaces that made me feel like I was going to lose my mind. It can be difficult trying to decorate in small dorms, apartments, and homes. You’ll be surprised with the difference home organization items can make in expanding your space.

Kitchen: Depending on your needs, I’ve linked various options for dinnerware and kitchen decor such as a bar carts.

Home Decor: I constantly have people asking about more wall decor recommendations, so I have linked some for you here that match the theme of items listed!

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